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Punish Cuffs | Black


No bulky D-rings or buckles here—just a sleek leather strap adorned with our signature narrow bar. Attach them with a chain or wear one or two as a stylish bracelet. Versatile enough to adorn your wrists or ankles with effortless style.

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  • Design and Details

    This pair of leather cuffs includes a bespoke chain connector. Connect the cuffs to assume control or relinquish it effortlessly. Alternatively, wear them as elegant accessories.

  • Materials and Production

    We believe in the ability of material to hold history and memories. Thick, sturdy, vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather softens and ages beautifully over time, with characteristic scratches and patina that make it a pleasure to touch and wear. The look and feel will evolve over time, just like it’s meant to be. The texture and feel of your SPNKD product will be completely unique to you. Every scratch and every stain will remind you of a very special moment.

  • Maintenance

    Protect your Cuffs with a waterproof leather spray or by applying beeswax to the whole surface. Clean with glycerin soap or water and a soft cotton cloth, taking care not to soak them.

  • Vegetable tanned leather

    There is an ancient and tradition-rich tanning process that uses no chemicals, instead the craftsmen use natural raw materials such as bark, leaves, fruit, berries, roots, wood. Without the use of chemicals, leather treatment from raw to finished leather can take two to three months, in rare cases, even a year.

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    We offer the option to pick up your order at our Antwerp Loft. All SPNKD products have a 14-day return policy, with return shipping at your own cost.

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